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Reduce Overhead Triple Your Output Meet Tight Deadlines No Tech Knowledge Needed Idea to Published in 3 Minutes Decrease 85.4% Of Costs

Write Compelling Articles, Publish Them in Magazines, and Track Their Impact with Ease.
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Meet the World's Most Powerful News-Publishing Platform

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between GPT, Google Docs, and endless feedback loops before publishing an article.

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent has you covered – from initial idea to a ready-to-publish article in 300 seconds or less.

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Magic Editor: Unique Stories With Real Impact

No need to write a single line, just dictate your thoughts.

Choose the date you want to publish, decide the content type and where you would like to publish your article.

Get Started

Select from 60 different article formats. From press releases, product updates to thought leadership opinions.

Choose Your Goal

Answer the questions by writing or speaking, select the tone of voice, and your ideas turns into a unique story in just 30 seconds.

Write or Speak

Give instant feedback on the generated article by having a chat with the AI, just like you would with your writer.

Feedback and Collaboration

Gain Full Control And Transparency

With our one-click publishing solution, all articles are automatically sorted and easily accessible to your audience.

Utilize our user-friendly drag & drop newsroom, to create a suitable design for your company.

Drag & Drop Newsroom

Choose from a variety of stunning pre-designed templates.

Custom Templates

Track visitor data, traffic sources, engagement metrics, top-performing articles, downloads, and more through 45+ KPIs.

Metrics and KPIs

Stay connected with your audience by automatically sending them email notifications whenever you publish new articles.


Our AI analyzes the whole internet, in real time. Magazines, Social Media, Forums, Blogs, News Outlets and many more.

TrendMaster - Soon!

Measure The Success Of Your Articles

User-friendly and uncomplicated - even newcomers to PR can confidently navigate through it.

Get an instant overview of your article's performance and effortlessly manage planned publishing dates and times.

Performance Overview

All your articles and drafts, organized in one place. Get a clear, intuitive overview of all upcoming articles.

Progress Overview

Easily schedule and manage when and where your upcoming articles will be published.

Article Calendar

Reach Your Audience With One Simple Click

Add Your Heading Text Here

With just one simple click, you can effortlessly determine the timing, location, and manner in which your article is published.

Easy targeting for maximum reach

Reach your clients in the right way, at the right place, and at the right time through tailored distribution.
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Get your Articles Listed On Google News

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent’s Performance Newsroom is designed to meet all requirements, ensuring that your articles can be easily found on Google News

The world's first AI tool that can write
and publish unique articles

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent is your assistant, content writer and PR expert all in one.

Magic Editor

Our advanced AI-driven writing assistant is designed to take your initial ideas and transforms them into well-written, comprehensive articles that captivate your audience.

Your custom Newsroom

Create your own newsroom in just a few minutes with the intuitive drag-and-drop function. If you are an agency owner, you can sell it on to your clients as a white-label solution.

Magic Editor

Share your articles with just one click to your website, magazines and blogs, to extend the reach of your content. You’ll see their impact directly in the tracking report.
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Who Is It for?

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent is designed for businesses, marketing managers and agencies, providing a seamless experience for planning, creating, and sharing news effortlessly.
  • Reduce costs by 86% by implementing scalable operations that minimize your workload.

  • Achieve exceptional results for your client and increase your profit by serving more customers at the same time.

  • Publish them directly in the drag & drop newsroom, which is linked to your customer’s domain.
  • Gain important insights to measure the impact of your articles via the user-friendly dashboard.

  • Save time and money by publishing yourself in respected magazines without the need for an agency or network.

  • Create high-quality and SEO-optimized articles to increase your reach and
    establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.
  • Stay up to date with automatic push notifications on trending topics and be the first to react.

  • Increase your touchpoints and build trust in your brand by effortlessly publishing engaging articles.

  • Achieve your goals faster by streamlining your workflow and integrating into your marketing mix.

Who Is It for?

An exceptional article is the result of human insight – not just a single prompt. This is what makes our articles stand out as exceptional and gives them substantial value to the reader.
Hence, they are not categorized as AI-generated content.

Human Content Score

Highly likely to be human

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent content has been verified to be 93% human-generated. This means you won’t be able to distinguish between content created by humans versus AI.

We oppose useless and generic content

Google released its latest update, with which it is improving its approach to fighting spam and improving the quality of search results.

This means that your content must be useful, or it will be ignored. It’s no longer just about keywords and links, it’s about what you write and how you write it.

So if you’re looking for mass-produced one-click content, this might not be the right fit.

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent was designed to turn your ideas, thoughts, and news into polished, unique and plagiarism free articles. Moreover, they adhere to Google’s algorithms and deliver additional value to enhance search engine rankings.

We oppose useless and generic content

Don’t Believe Us But Convince Yourself:
You’ll feel the difference, see the greater reach and witness the impact on your bank account.
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Your Calendar

Without Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent

With Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent

Why Use Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent?

Let Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent handle the time and energy-consuming tasks for you so that you can focus on what really matters—your business.
Expand your digital footprint: Amplify your content’s reach by directly feeding it to targeted online magazines and newsrooms. ‍Cut through the social media noise by driving growth in a competitive environment.
Save time and resource: Take advantage of our pre-made templates and white-label functionality to craft a customized newsroom that perfectly meets your needs or your client’s needs.
Be independent: Publish your article by yourself with just a few clicks an get instant access to an ever-growing collection of up to 3000 online magazines.
Track over 45 KPIs: Overview of visitor data, traffic sources, engagement metrics, top-performing articles, downloads and more, providing detailed insights for you.

Leave Busy Social Media And Go Where Real Trust Is Built.

With PR articles in well trusted magazines.

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Trust Drives Growth:

Building strong trust in your brand through PR.

61% advocate

Will be more likely to talk about your brand and recommend you to others

57% purchase

Will buy your offer, even if there are cheaper alternatives available

43% stay loyal

Will stay loyal to you, even if something goes wrong

31% engage

Will participate in your activities and allow you to track their data

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Answers to frequently asked questions:

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent is a revolutionary AI platform that simplifies the creation and distribution of engaging articles. With features like voice-to-text article generation, one-click publishing in an intuitive drag-and-drop newsroom feature, plus comprehensive performance tracking, it offers an all-in-one solution for your PR needs. Additionally, users gain access to global news feeds from major outlets such as Bloomberg, Fox News, and Business Insider, all at rates well below market prices.

Entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies, marketing agencies, and online PR agencies can benefit from Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent, especially those looking to streamline their PR processes and increase outreach.
After you answer a few questions about your client’s brand, values, and goals, Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent’s AI analyzes the information and delves deep into the core of their brand identity to deliver content that clearly communicates their vision and values. It also learns from each published article to deliver increasingly tailored results.
No, Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent is designed for ease of use. Its user-friendly interface requires no PR expertise or technical background, empowering everyone on your team to navigate each stage with confidence.

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent offers two primary ways to share news:

1. Direct publishing of articles in your client’s newsroom and on social media.

2. Distribution of articles to major global news feeds, such as Bloomberg, Fox News, and Business Insider, through our integrated marketplace, all at rates well below market prices.

Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent not only creates tailored articles but also optimizes them for SEO and aligns them with Google’s algorithm to ensure better ranking – without manual adjustments. With just one click, you can share news directly in up to 3000 news feeds, across all major news platforms, or in your client’s newsroom.

For each article, you receive a detailed report telling you how it performed and what specific results you achieved, so you can make better, data-driven decisions.

Additionally, Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent offers a user-friendly, white-label newsroom with a variety of stunning, pre-designed templates, making the creation of your own newsroom straightforward. You see, Wolf Bot Ai PR Agent is your all-in-one solution – eliminating the need for multiple subscription.

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