Increase Conversions

20-40% With Your Own

AI Powered

Sales Chatbot

Powered by GPT-4 and available in 100+ different languages, Wolfbot AI is trained on your specific business and is the only one that gets smarter with every conversation it has.


We Train Your Wolfbot AI

Answer a handful of questions, upload documents, and let our Wolfbot scan your website and your competitor’s website to train your custom Wolfbot to provide customer support and generate leads.

We add the Wolf Bot AI Code

With one line of code on your website, we deploy your own 24/7 custom Wolf Bot AI chatbot.


Watch it generate leads & sales

Sit back and watch it go to work selling your product and services to your website visitors.

Plus we integrate with your CRM to create automated follow-ups for your sales process.

What Makes Wolf Bot AI Different?

Knowledge Generation

We understand that most businesses don’t have the answers that customers may ask on their website or in a document. That is why Wolfbot AI technology was created to “continuously learn” with each conversation while keeping you in control of the answers it gives. It’s as simple as editing the messages when reviewing the transcripts.

Information Capture

You spent time abd money on driving traffic to your website, now you can convert 20-40% more website visitors. Your Wolfbot AI not only answers questions but is also trained in asking questions for lead capture and qualification.

Hallucination Control

AI is powerful, but without the right guardrails, it could become a hindrance. Before Wolfbot AI sends a response, it conducts multiple checks to make sure that your AI has been trained with the answer to the customer’s questions–keeping you free and clear of any awkward moments.